Lists with bullets can be mixed and matched with plain text within the same text frame using {brackets} or even made [optional] in web-to-print templates. Full text »

A paragraph text frame can be set to to fit as much text in its boundary as entered by user with automatic font resizing. Full text »

Some texts are not uniform. They may consist of different colour segments, different fonts, emphasis, etc. It would be difficult for any software to try and guess how to reformat user input based on complex composite structures. The easiest way is to split them up into segments. Full text »

Sometimes the entire line needs to be removed from the web-to-print template if some of its parts are empty and the rest of the text should shift up or down.  It is  done using a single [square bracket. Full text »

Some objects need to be removed from the your web-to-print template if some other elements are not present. E.g.  a balloon should only show if there is text inside it. Full text »

Some parts of text may need to appear only if other parts are present. E.g. Ph. shows only if there is a phone number, Fax only if there is a fax number. Full text »

This is a simple trick achieved with the help of CorelDRAW Envelope tool. Use this technique to simulate a realistic text perspective on a corner of a wall in your web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates. Full text »

The art of wood inserts and incrustation can can be added to your web to print designs as if they were tailor-made. This technique is demonstrated on wood inserts, but can be applied to other substrates like tiles, textile or texture. Full text »

Images can be used inside a text frame for better alignment – when the text changes the images shift as well. In this example the text was getting behind the image, when it should be the other way around. Full text »

Some designs look impossible as web to print templates because of the amount of manipulation by hand they need. Using modified fonts may help with turning seemingly custom designs into web to print ones. Full text »

Some web-to-print designs require multiple fields reside in a single text frame. It can be done using {curly brackets} and # as the object name in Object Manager to tell the web-to-print engine this text frame has variable fields in it.

Full text »

Sometimes web-to-print designs require flexibility and multiple fields within the same text frame.  This can be done using {curly brackets} and field names as the shape name.

Full text »

Sometimes objects and text are mixed. Changes in the text should shift the objects as they were part of the text as in this example from a web-to-print brochure: Full text »

Paragraph frames marked as fields retain their formatting with user input. E.g. if paragraph 1 is red and paragraph 2 is blue, they text entered by a user will be formatted red and blue as well. Full text »

Some times a header or some other text in a web to print template is split in half by an graphic element. Full text »

Second a subsequent lines of a text field in a web-to-print template can be aligned to a tabbed position so the user input is automatically aligned the same way. Full text »

Text fields can be “text on path” with user input being placed on the same path. Full text »

Texts do not need to be limited to what the plain look the font gives you. Overlaying text and using powerclips can add an edge to any design. Full text »

Kerning information may be lost if used on individual characters. Use kerning on the whole text frame. Full text »

Artistic text can be used as a PowerClip container in web-to-print templates with both, the text and the image inside it as variable fields. Full text »

The watermark is a widely used protection method by designers. You can add a text, image or any kind of shaped watermark to your templates to protect them from being used without permission. Full text »

Sometimes it is necessary to give web-to-print users only Yes/No option instead of free text input, but YES would translate into a tick on a check box in the design and NO would translate to an empty check box. Full text »