Take shadows and light sources to the next level. This technique helpa you add a cool realistic shading effect to text in your web-to-print template. The idea is to create an illusion of an object is casting its shadow on the template and letting raise of light pass through and highlight parts of the design. Full text »

Here’s a cool and simple way to set your web-to-print templates on fire using a combination of distortions in repeating text fields placed on top of each other. Full text »

A web-to-print design with a custom shape attached to every letter. You can use this technique to create one of those ransom notes where the text is compiled of different newspaper cut-out letters, very popular amongst kidnappers. Full text »

Create an illusion as if text was stitched on a piece of cloth in your web-to-print templates. Full text »

Overlaying text with another text creates a cool typography effect, resembling a watermark. It is very easy to  use in web-to-print templates. Full text »