Lets take advantage of the web-to-print Character formatting matching option and create a colorful typography template with the text letters going on top of each other. Full text »

This “dirty” typography design style is very popular amongst designers. Simulating the illusion that something went wrong during the printing process actually gives the web-to-print design a more appealing look and authenticity. Full text »

This “retro” typography design style introduced in the hippie era is coming back in a big way. Learn how to make a boogie template in a few simple steps using CorelDRAWs Envelope and Contour tool. Full text »

Learn how to add a cool looking metallic text with glow in your web-to-print templates using bevel and fountain fill.

This shiny reflection will enhance your graphics, and make them stand out above the rest, by adding this “wow” factor to your design.

Full text »

More ideas to make your typographic design web-to-print templates even more fun with the help of colors, color combinations and PowerClips.

You can assign different colors to each text object in your typographic design template. Each object will keep its color after the user inputs the text. Full text »

This is a cool typography trick for web-to-print or dynamic imaging templates where text need to stand out. There are two ways of doing this, using PowerClips or custom transparency operation. Full text »

Here’s another neat typography trick for web-to-print or dynamic imaging template. There are two ways of doing this, using custom transparency operation, as explained here or using PowerClips. Full text »

Repeating the same text over and over is a great way to create various trendy typographic effects for your web-to-print templates. You can use multiple transformations to achieve even better effects. Here are 2 examples. Full text »

Learn how to create a cool web-to-print template with repetitive text that allows for some flexibility in the text length. The margin is quite small and may break the layout if few characters too many. Consider making a clones for different lengths, e.g. 5 letter word, 10 letter word, etc. Full text »

It is not always possible to create web-to-print layouts for all possible lengths of text.  A simple workaround is to make the design flexible so that the text is only constrained on one side and it’s length does not effect other elements. Full text »

You can use the Artistic text objects in your web-to-print template as PowerClip containers and overlay them to achieve contrasting effects that make the design look very professional. Full text »

It’s all about the power of “Text on a path”! Your imagination can take this option beyond simple arched texts and into drawing shapes with the text it self. Full text »

Overlaying text with another text creates a cool typography effect, resembling a watermark. It is very easy to  use in web-to-print templates. Full text »