Web-to-print orders placed by unregistered users go under user IDs and the real identity of the user may never be known. There are 2 ways to claim these orders. Full text »

A user can be logged into your web-to-print portal automatically by passing required parameters in the referral request. This feature is only available if you know user ID and password.

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You can make ZetaPrints brand absolutely transparent to you customers – they won’t even know they are using a hosted service. Full text »

Corporate access keeps web to print catalogs hidden from public view. Only logged in users with appropriate access rights can see them. Full text »

Printer authentication during web-to-print API calls is controlled by ApiKey parameter which is unique and is not supposed to be shared. User access via API and control of user accounts requires an MD5 hash of the caller’s IP and the user’s password as one of parameters. This post explains how the hash should be calculated. Full text »

Web to print printer account is the topmost in the access hierarchy. The printer has full control over the set up of the web-to-print software. Full text »

Our web to print software allows user access control via API. Access is controlled per web-to-print catalog with GRANT and DENY calls.

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Learn how to give access to catalogues for different usage scenarios. Full text »

ZetaPrints web-to-print API allows creating of new users and updating details of existing ones. Full text »

Users can be registered via API with a minimal level of detail to enable their access without logging in. Full text »