Template file size reduction


The smaller the file the faster it is to upload and process. Learn how to reduce the file size without compromising the quality.

It is up to you to reduce the file size or leave it as big as it is. In most cases the 2
minutes you spend on compressing a file will pay off even before the first
order is placed.

Most likely, the bulk of your file is taken up by images. This page has some tips
how to reduce a file size without compromising the quality.

Replace real images

Image placeholders do not need to be fancy if they take too much space. Replace them with simple and informative placeholders.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Increase image compression

Take the images and reduce their size through decreasing JPEG quality or applying an
artistic filter like pencil or charcoal. Keep the original size of the image in pixels because it will affect the resolution. Remember, that the system will ask your customers to upload images not smaller than the placeholder image to allow for high quality printing.

Also, downsample all bitmaps in the file to the resolution actually required for printing.

Original JPEG file Compressed JPEG
1380x1307px, 751KB 1380x1307px, 73.2KB
There is very little difference (if any) in the way these images look. At the same
time, the size of the files differs almost 10 times. Compressing files without
affecting resolution will slash upload and processing time.

Printing templates

Replace the placeholder images with blank images of the same resolution because no one will
see the placeholders from the printing template anyway.

A solid fill 1280x1024px JPEG file is about 8KB in size, when a JPEG photo of the same dimensions can easily exceed 1MB. An imposed printing template with a dozen of solid-fill placeholder images can actually be smaller than its preview template with a full-resolution image.

Original JPEG file Compressed JPEG
1380x1307px, 751KB
1380x1307px, 10.7KB
Replacing image placeholders with solid-fill compressed images of the same resolution will greatly reduce the file size and slash uploading and processing time.

Why doesn’t ZetaPrints reduce the size of the placeholders automatically?

We accept your artwork the way it is. We assume that if you made it this way, it is for a reason. You are the one in control.

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