Template reprocessing


Uploaded web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates are processed into a special internal format for preview and PDF generation. Sometimes templates need to be re-processed to enable new features.

New web-to-print features

In some cases, new web-to-print and dynamic imaging features rely on the way the templates were processed and won’t work with templates processed before the feature was introduced. A message is displayed on template details page if it is out of date. You may choose to re-process it or leave as is.

Read our web-to-print and dynamic imaging blog to see what new features have been introduced recently and if it’s worth reprocessing. We strongly recommend not to re-process unless you need those new features.

There is always a risk that the newly processed template doesn’t behave exactly the same way as before. Please, check after re-processing and report any issues to support@zetaprints.com.


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