Template tagging


Tags are simple keywords that help people find what they are looking for on your web-to-print site or through search engines.

Keywords for search and discovery

Web-to-print tags example 1Keywords (tags) are a great tool to help people and search engines discover web-to-print designs and products they are looking for. It is difficult to comprehensively describe a web-to-print product with just one or two parameters. E.g. cards can be classified as greeting, marketing, invitations. At the same time they can be classified by size, by color, by theme, by whatever else.
Use more than one keyword (tag) to describe them.
You should tag your web-to-print products if you want search engines to notice them.
Read instructions how to tag templates.

Tags for categories

Web-to-print catalogs with large number of templates may be difficult to navigate. A long list of web-to-print templates in the side-bar menu may get too long. You can show selected keywords as menu categories instead of template names.
new-10.gifweb-to-print keywords in catalog The first example shows template name, the second categories. Categories are easier to read and narrow down the choice to a manageable size with one click.
Read instructions how to add menu categories.

Keywords visibility

Users see only keywords for web-to-print products they have access to. The counts in brackets show the number of products available to the user, not the total number of products under that keyword.
Keywords may behave differently depending on where the user is on the site. E.g. they may limit the user to products of the same catalog or span them across multiple catalogs.

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