Templates for preview and printing


You may use the same template for preview or printing or you may create different

Your printing and preview templates may look absolutely different; have different
layouts, page sizes, etc. However, both templates have to have the same set of
fields, i.e. all the fields that are present in the preview template must be
present in the printing template and vice versa.

Business cards example

A preview template for a business card is likely to be for a single card, but the
printing template may be of A3 size for cards arranged as labels.

An easy way of creating a printing template would be:

  1. Create a preview template first. Name all the fields, upload and test it.
  2. Create an empty Corel document with page size and other settings for printing.
  3. Select all objects in the preview template and copy them to the printing template. Group the object.
  4. Duplicate the group as required and arranged the page.
  5. Ungroup, Save and upload.
  6. Assign the fonts used in the template and test.
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