Test your template


The final step of the template creation process is testing. We recommend you always test your web-to-print templates by placing a test web-to-print order.

Testing a template is just a matter putting yourself in the role of a web-to-print user. The template should be able to handle  scenarios it was intended for.

Test the text fields

Start of by testing the variable text fields for some of the common issues users may  come across. Type in texts that are different from what is in the template.

  1. Large texts don’t fit inside a text frame – Use the auto font resizing option or limit the user input through the Field editor
  2. Larger texts go outside the template page – Convert Artistic text frames to Paragraph text frames or limit the user input through the Field editor;
  3. Fonts are different – Did you extract the fonts through CorelDRAW? Upload the correct fonts.

Test the image fields

Test how user uploaded images or images from the stock selection fit into the template.

  1. Images quality – Check the color modes and DPI of the image placeholders.
  2. Uploaded images are excessively cropped – learn about PowerClip vs. simple placeholder.

Upload or select images that are completely different from what is in the web-to-print template already.

Review generated files

Finally, download the system-generated files (CDR, PDF, PNG, GIF…) and check them.

  1. Dynamic imaging templates that are semi-transparent should generate semi-transparent PNG and GIF images.
  2. Compare the generated CDR file to your template file (fonts, color modes etc.).
  3. Check the generated PDF file to make sure the correct PDF settings were applied.

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