Text fields naming overview


A text frame can be made a variable filed in a web-to-print template by giving it a name in CorelDRAW Object Manager. There is a number of options, depending on what the variable field is supposed to do. This post gives an overview of available options.

To rename an object you need to select it, open Object Manager (Window/Dockers/Object Manager) click on the object and hold for a second then type in the new name. Possible naming options:

  • Entire text frame is a variable web-to-print field
  • Part of text frame is a variable web-to-print field
  • Multiple variable web-to-print fields in a single text frame
  • A variable web-to-print field with per-character formatting matching
  • Linked text frames as a single variable web-to-print field

Simple text field

To turn an entire text frame into a single input field you can:

Web-to-print simple text field (Screen name)/


1. Manually set the input field name by typing it as the object’s name. In which case the name you set to the object will show up as the name of the input field in the web-to-print input form.



Web-to-print simple text field (Auto naming)/

2. Set # as the object’s name. Which instructs the system to use the text inside the frame as an input field name.

Read more about simple text frames.

Multiple fields in a single text frame

Some web-to-print designs require multiple fields to reside in a single text frame. This is done by separating segments of the text inside a text frame with {curly brackets} and separating field names in the object’s name with ;

Web-to-print multiple input fields brackets/

Separate this dummy text frame into two fields by placing its parts into {brackets}.


Web-to-print multiple input fields object name/

Rename the object separating the field names with ;

The system will process this text frame as two separate fields in the input form. Read about multiple fields in a single text frame using screen names or automatic naming.

Ignored text fields

Web-to-print ignore object/


If you want to instruct the system to ignore a text frame, groups of text frames, a layer or any kind of object, you need to place a * sign at the beginning of the objects name.




This is useful when you want to hide some text fields from the web-to-print form temporarily.

Character formatting matching

Web-to-print character formatting matching/

Text frames with different formatting for different characters can match user input per-character retaining the original formatting.  The field name should have ~ symbol at the end of the objects name.

Read more about Character formatting matching.

Linked text frames

Apart from linking Paragraph text frames which can be done from inside CorelDRAW,  you may also need to link separate Artistic text frames and want to merge them into a single input field. This is useful when you want to apply different formatting to each frame, but still present a single input field in the web-to-print form on the website.

Web-to-print linked text frames/


To achieve this you need to add .# (# is the field order number) at the end of each object name.

Read more about Linked artistic text frames.




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