Text fields overview


Any text frame in your web-to-print template can be turned into one or more variable text fields using Object Manager.

Basic text fields

Name variable text frames as # in Object Manager. The name of the field will come from the text frame content. More …

Multiple fields in a text frame

A single text frame can hold more than one variable field. Their boundaries are marked with {curly brackets}. Field name can either come from the content between the {brackets} (use # for object name) or from names in Object Manager (enter names separated by ;)

Conditional removal of text elements

Sometimes parts of text need to disappear from the design if other parts are not present. E.g. Ext. should be present only if the extension number is entered. It is done putting [square brackets] around the variable fields and the optional elements. More …

Conditional line removal

Sometimes lines of text need to disappear and the rest of the text shift up or down. E.g. Ph. line should show only if the phone number is present. It is done putting a [square bracket at the beginning of the paragraph. More …

Conditional object removal

Sometimes objects make sense only if some other fields are present. E.g. you may have a balloon caption shape that should disappear if no caption text is entered. It is done by grouping the objects. More …

Automatic font re-sizing

Users may enter more text than the frame can hold. Make it overflow in the template to instruct the system to downsize the font if needed. More …

A sample CDR file can be downloaded from your Sample Stationery catalog (go to Summary page).

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