Text on path fields


Text fields can be “text on path” with user input being placed on the same path.

How to create a “text on path” field

Create an artistic text area. Make it a named field (use Object Manager or Object Data Manager). Place the text on path using Corel’s Text on path tool (see under Text in the top menu).


The alignment depends on the form of the shape. All closed shapes take central alignment. All open shapes make the text left-aligned.

Quick placement

There is a shortcut for placing text on path. Click on text tool. Move the cursor over the edge where you want to place the text. Watch for a little wavy indicator next to the cursor. Click and start typing.


Converting text on path to an input field

It may be tricky to select the text area for naming after it was placed on path.
Use Shape Tool (F10) and Object Data Manager to select and name the field.


Naming input fields

It is easier to create a straight text first, name it as a field and then put it on path. Otherwise you may need to use Object Data Manager docker to name texts that are already attached to a path.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

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