Text overlays


Texts do not need to be limited to what the plain look the font gives you. Overlaying text and using powerclips can add an edge to any design.
Download the sample CDR file.
Substitute the font for any other similar block-type font.

Can this be done?

These 3 images were taken from previews on ZetaPrints. The text was entered through the site.

Inside the CorelDRAW file

There are 3 text fields with same name Text. They show as a single field in the input form because they have the same name.

  1. The foremost text is cropped by a powerclip and slightly shifted off-base.
  2. The second layer down is the same text (slightly off-mark) with the first one and with an RGB image inside it. The text acts as a powerclip.
  3. The last layer is the same text, again slightly shifted, with a small distortion.

The wireframe of the design is below.

The text entered by a user goes into all 3 text frames creating this complex effect.

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