Troubleshooting fonts


If your web-to-print template looses fonts when previewed or when PDF is generated, consider these common web-to-print issues:

Missing fonts

Make sure you uploaded all required fonts to Zetaprints and assigned them to the template.

Embedded fonts won’t work

Some fonts do not allow embedding, but CorelDRAW does not produce any warning about this. It simply doesn’t embed them. We recommend uploading fonts to Zetaprints instead.

Fonts uploaded, but won’t show

Check if you uploaded the right fonts. It is possible to have different versions of the same font in different format which makes it quite confusing. Extract fonts from the template and re-upload fonts.

PDF files show wrong fonts

A PDF file will show fonts correctly if:

  • You have the same fonts installed on your computer
  • Fonts are converted to curves (will show correctly on any computer)
  • Fonts are embedded in the PDF file (may not always work)

Read a help article on PDF settings.

PDF files are missing parts of the text

Download and open your generated PDF output file locally using Acrobat Reader.

If you have font embedding enabled in the PDF settings, some PDF browser plugins, including Adobe Reader, will have problems displaying the text in a browser window. This does not mean that the generated PDF is faulty, it just doesn’t display correctly in a browser.

Faulty CDR file

Sometime killing and re-creating the text frames with problematic fonts help. Sometimes the file gets so corrupt that re-creating it from scratch is the only option.

Nothing works – help!

Email your template and the font files to for troubleshooting.

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