Trial use


Users testing ZetaPrints web-to-print software or preparing their own web-to-print portals can request a waver on a monthly basis.

We allow free use of our web-to-print platform until it works for you. A monthly bill is issued for all billable web-to-print orders regardless, but can be waved upon request.

When to request free use

We cannot wave payments in advance. You can request a waver only when you are actually asked to make a payment.

How to request free use

You need to send an email to, outline the reason why the monthly bill should be waved, but only after the bill was issued. Include the domain name of your web-to-print portal, so we can actually find you in the database. We cannot wave fees in advance. A monthly bill must be generated first.

Free trial guarantee

New customers are welcome to try our web-to-print software for free. We are not placing a time limit on how long the trial should last or how much the system can be used, as long as it’s an honest preparation to a launch of your web-to-print portal.

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