Types of web buttons


There are a few types of web buttons that are special in their purpose, shape or position on the site. Checkout the web buttons product guide for more information about creating a web button templates.

Web buttons can be categorized as:

  • Menus
  • Tabs
  • Badges
  • Buttons
  • and so on



The main purpose of these web buttons is to be used as website menus. They can be done by providing individual elements, e.g. one button at a time or as a whole bar or block. You, as a designer, decide which one works best for your design idea.

For slicing web menus from blocks or bars into separate buttons use the free online slicing tools at:



Tabs are usually used as control panel menus, sub-menus or to access other parts of a website. They can be used as website menus as well. Tabs are tricky to slice and lay out. Having them as images is much easier.

Each tab needs to have 2 versions – active and non-active. They need to have edges set the way that they blend with the rest of the panel



Badges are independent from the web menus and tabs and are used to:

  • Promote products or campaigns;
  • Show the current status of items;
  • Show achieved certificates or awards;
  • Inform about special discounts, guarantee policies or other features.

Unlike tabs or buttons, you can really get creative with badges. The fancier the better.



Web buttons can also be specific buttons that are used independently from web menus and tabs. These buttons are special.  Enticing the user to click on it may be the whole purpose of a website. Such buttons must stand out. Good button templates can work magic for websites and bring you more return business as a designer

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