Unwanted cropping / distortion of previews


Sometimes the previews look cropped or distorted if they have white space between page border and design elements.

Preview images are cropped to objects, not to the page boundary.

Add page frame

In CorelDRAW, go to menu Layout > Page Setup and click on Add Page Frame button.
A new shape will be created along the page boundaries. Change the shape fill and outline properties to make it invisible if you don’t want the frame to appear on the screen or in the PDF.

Flash demo: Add page frame

Remove objects outside the page

Any objects residing outside the page, whether visible or not, will also be included in the preview image distorting the template. Remove objects from outside the page. Crop objects breaking the page boundary. Use CorelDRAW crop tool.

Object detection

Use wireframe view in CorelDRAW to see objects outside the page border. Not all objects may be visible in Normal or Enhanced view if they are of the same colour as the background.

Enhanced view

A perfectly normal template, but the previews were distorted.


The same template in Wireframe view clearly shows a line stretching far outside the page border.

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