User access control


Learn how to give access to catalogues for different usage scenarios.

Watch a Flash demo on the topic.

You can mix and match these options:

Corporate-wide access

Anyone with a corporate email address can self-register. It is a safe and convenient option for large number of users. The main benefit is that you don’t need to deal with individual requests to register people.
They can do it any time themselves when they need it.

How to: Specify a domain name in customer details.

Individuals managed by Customer

You can delegate user management to someone else, e.g. an office manager.
That person will be able to add/remove users from that customer as well as access all customer orders and reports.

How to: Provide an email address for Office Manager in Customer details.

Individuals managed by Printer

You can always add any user manually. This will be your only option if neither domain name nor office manager email is specified.

How to: Select a customer and then go to user management.

Anyone can sign up and order

Any member of public can self-register and place orders. These users will have access to the templates of this customer only. You will see their email addresses in the list of users.

How to: Choose ‘Self-registration for anyone’ for Access Control field in customer details screen.
The system will generate and show a URL that needs to be used for self-registration. Place that URL on some other website visited by your prospects. They will click on it and get registered.

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