User management API


ZetaPrints web-to-print API allows creating of new users and updating details of existing ones.

Create new user on a referral

The primary purpose of creating a user within ZetaPrints web-to-print is access control and user input caching.

A new web to print user is created on the first preview update. The system generates a GUID that becomes the user ID. You can pass the ID when the user is referred to Zetaprints portal for the first time. In this case the system will not generate a new user id, but will use the passed one instead. Passing the ID on a later referral from your site to ZetaPrints portal will allow seamless log-in for the user.


  •  <- the GUID is hyphenated

Parameter name: ID, always upper case. The value is a 128-bit GUID in a 32-char or 36-char (with hyphens) encoding, case insensitive.

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