User management: centralized


Users of your web-to-print system can be managed per web-to-print catalog one by one or in bulk. The central user management page gives direct access to user profiles. This post describes centralized user management for web-to-print sites.

Holders of web-to-print printer accounts can add new users or find existing ones using Add user link in the main web-to-print menu.

Entering a new user email will register the user in the web-to-print database and send a confirmation email.

Existing emails will return user profile page.

Note that email addresses are case-insensitive.

User profile

User profile has full user details, list of user orders and the full list of catalogs.

Edit: user details can be edited by you if user password is not set. Otherwise they can be edited by the user only.

Access control: check which password-protected catalogs the user has access to. The user may already have access to some catalogs because they are public or allow access to anyone from the same domain as the user.

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