User management for office managers


Printers can assign a user to manage other users and orders in their web-to-print and dynamic imaging catalogs. This option is only available for printers.

An office manager is basically a user to whom the printer has assigned additional functionality regarding a specific catalog such as:

  • Adding new users to the catalog;
  • Removing existing users from the catalog;
  • Managing orders of other users in the catalog.

Assign a Office manager

Web-to-print modify catalog details

Go to Overview page of the catalog you want to be managed by an office manager and click on Modify.
Web-to-print add office manager

In the Office manager email field of the form, input the email address of the user you wish to make an Office manager for that catalog  and click Save.
Web-to-print office manager

You have assigned an Office manager to your web-to-print catalog.

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