Using CorelDRAW styles for lists


The bullet-proof method of creating bulleted lists is by using CorelDRAW styles. This will ensure a reliable behavior of the lists you’ve incorporated in your web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates.

Graphic and Text styles

CorelDRAW styles can be located and edited through the Graphic and Text styles docker (Window / Dockers / Graphic and Text styles or Ctrl+F5).

Apart from a few default presets available in the list, you can also create your own custom styles for Graphics, Paragraph texts or Artistic texts.

Custom bullet list

Lets make a custom bullet list for a web-to-print or dynamic imaging template. Create a Paragraph text frame in your CorelDRAW template document, input your dummy list and turn it into a variable web-to-print field.

In the Graphic and Text styles docker, Right click on the area bellow the list of styles, chose New / Paragraph Text Style and type in your new custom style name.

Right click on the new style name in the list and chose Properties.

Select your style from the list (we only need to edit text options) and hit Edit.

As you can see in the Format Text window, there are lots of options you can set for your custom style. Since we’re only interested in bullets for this example, navigate to Effects tab, chose Bullet as the Effect type and pick a bullet Symbol from the drop-down. Click OK when done.

Symbols come from custom fonts created for this purpose. Common system fonts used for bullets are Wingdings, Webdings, Symbol etc. each with their own set of shapes you can chose from.

Note. Some fonts might require to be uploaded and assigned to the template if a list in the template uses symbols from that font.

To assign your new style to a text frame or any part of the text inside a text frame, select the text / text frame and double click on the style name in the list of styles available in the Graphic and Text docker.

Upload the template in your catalog and test it.

Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file used in this example.

Custom bullet sub-list

A basic list can have multiple bullet styles assigned to it. Learn how to add a sub-list option to your list with different bullet symbols and an indent.

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