Using CorelDRAW styles for sub-lists


A basic list can be able to contain second level bullets. Since each input field in a text frame can have a special custom style assigned to it, we can use this to set up sub-list styles in our web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates.

Lets add a sub-list option to our list with different bullet symbols and an indent.

Use the same method as explained in the basic styled lists tutorial to create new custom style. Chose a different Symbol for the bullet and add a indent through the Paragraph tab of the Format Text window.

Input additional bullet points in your web-to-print template dummy list and separate all lines into individual variable fields with the web-to-print conditional line removal option.

Select part of the text in the sub-points of your dummy list and double click on your new style in Graphic and Text docker to apply it. Repeat this for all sub items.

A list like this allows users to add sub-items to their list when and if they’re required.

Upload the template in your catalog and test it. Download the CorelDRAW template file used in this example.

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