Color gradients


Conversion of vector designs into CorelDRAW web-to-print templates requires changes to gradients for variable color objects. It does not affect static gradients. Read about a simple workaround using a transparency.

Color picker and transparency

Although CorelDRAW allows you to apply a transparency effect to a bitmap, the web-to-print system only allows it on static images.


Lets say you want to add a gradient background in your web-to-print template where you can assign a color picker to both colors of the gradient and let users be able to change both the “from” and “to” colors.

Web-to-print gradient object manager/


Normally, you would use two variable image fields on top of each other and assign a linear transparency to the top one.



Web-to-print two color gradient/

After assigning a color picker to both image fields you expect to end up with the top image fading out towards its bottom edge and blending into the color of the image field underneath it.


Unfortunately, the web-to-print system cannot apply the new color to the image field and still retain its transparency.

Web-to-print solid fill/

You end up with a solid color fill on the top variable image field covering the bottom one completely, eliminating the desired fountain fill you were going for.



Web-to-web menu button/


For now, the closest thing to a gradient color picker is adding a static color glow. It is the same as changing only one color in the gradient.

Learn how to make a chameleon web button.

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