ZetaPrints has different refunds policies for different types of transactions.

Refunds to Printers and Resellers

We do not charge any money upfront for our web-to-print services. You only pay after consuming the services and only if you are happy to pay. We accept that we may need to wave some fees if our web-to-print service was unsatisfactory in some respect and didn’t give you value for money. This needs to be agreed upon before any payments are made.

Payments made by mistake are refunded at the earliest opportunity. Please, do not send us money, unless a payment is due. Consult your billing page after logging in for payment information.

Refunds to customers for reseller products

Web to print products and designs purchased through domains other than are paid to holders of those domains, not to Hence we cannot provide you any refund. Contact the business you purchased the product / design from. Feel free to CC for any correspondence with them.

Refunds to customers for designer products

Web to print designs supplied by freelance designers and purchased via domain as downloadable files are fully refundable within 20 days, if and only if the design is not fit for the intended purpose. The reasons for this could be poor quality of output files, pre-press mistakes, wrong sizes, etc. In other words, if the design looked OK on the preview, but when you downloaded the files and tried to use them for the inteded purposes (e.g. printed the PDF), but it didn’t work we are happy to give you a refund.

How to obtain a refund

First of all, contact the web to print designer via comments in the faulty order (go to the order details and click on Add Comments). Ask the designer to correct the mistakes and regenerate the files for you. No charges will apply from ZetaPrints, but the designer may want to be paid for it. It may or may not be a reasonable request. Please, let us know if you think it is unreasonalbe.

We are happy to provide you a refund if the web-to-print design cannot be fixed to your satisfaction. Please, provide a detailed description of what’s wrong and how you intended to use the design. We will review the files and provide the refund within a few days if your information is correct. We are sorry it didn’t work out for you.

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