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Sometimes web-to-print designs require flexibility and multiple fields within the same text frame.  This can be done using {curly brackets} and field names as the shape name.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

A sample CDR file can be downloaded from your Sample Stationery catalog (go to Summary page).


The phone number and the extension number need to be 2 separate fields in the input form:

Phone (456)-123 4567 Ext. 7890

Use {curly brackets} to mark field boundaries:

Phone {(456)-123 4567} Ext. {7890}

Enter field names in Object Manager as a name for this object separated by ;


How to assign input field names

web-to-print, text, multiple fieldss

Open Object Manager (Window/Dockers/Object Manager), locate the object in the tree, click on it and hold for a second and type in the field names separating them with ;

Each field name must correspond to a pair or {} since it refers to the content between the brackets.


web-to-print, text, multiple fields

This creates two input fields in the input form:

  • Phone that refers to (456)-123 4567
  • Extension that refers to 7890

Using Field Editor on the site

web-to-print, text, multiple fields


You can always change the input field names as well as other properties of the input fields after you’ve uploaded the web-to-print template into your catalog. Open Field Editor by clicking on the field name. Inside it you will find its various properties that you can modify.

Simpler field naming alternative

We recommend you use the method explained above for setting input field names. However, there is an alternative way using #. Learn how to do it here.

Removing optional elements

Not every phone number has an extension. We need Ext. to disappear if there is no extension number. Learn how to do it here.

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