Image groups


Sometimes images need to be selected as a group, but the individual images go to different parts of a template. For example a document may require 2 photos of the same person. A web-to-print or dynamic imaging template can be constructed so that a user can choose a group of images for multiple fields. This clever web-to-print technique is called sprites. A similar technique is used a lot in web design as well.

Let’s say we have a bunch of mugshots of different people. Instead of forcing users to chose the front, portrait, back etc. image separately, we can make them all into a single sprite and they only pick one image which holds all of the viewpoints of the person.

In this example we’ll create a profile card of famous criminals throughout history using their mugshots.

Create the sprites

You can use Photoshop or any other image editing application for this.

Web-to-print Al Capone sprite

We have a mugshot of Al Capone. Both photo angles are part of the same image.

Open the other mugshots in Photoshop and resize/crop them to fit the same image.

Web-to-print sprites border

Each sprite (view point) has to cover the same space in all images.

Image placeholders

Web-to-print PowerClip shapes

Draw the shapes (ex. rectangular frames) that will hold the image placeholders in your web-to-print or dynamic imaging CorelDRAW template document.

Import the sprite image inside your template document, turn it into a variable image field and copy it. PowerClip each copy in the photo frames you drew (Effects/PowerClip/Place Inside Container…).

Web-to-print PowerClips

The result should be similar to this.

Positioning the sprite image

Now it’s time to align the images differently in each PowerClip. Go inside the first PowerClip container (Right click/ Edit Contents).

Web-to-print sprite positioning

Move the image placeholder downwards so that only one sprite is inside the PowerClip frame and then exit the PowerClip (Right click/Finish Editing This Level).

Note. Repeat the same step with the image inside the other PowerClip positioning it so that its opposite part is visible.

Web-to-print sprite alignment

The result should be similar to this.

Our web-to-print system remembers the position for each image copy, so all stock and user uploaded images will also be positioned according to the image placeholders in your template document.

All done!

Our web-to-print software can handle this feature easily! Upload the template into your catalog and test it. This is a dynamic imaging template but the feature can be used in web-to-print templates as well.

Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.

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