ZetaPrints web-to-print system bills customers on a monthly basis without exception. The billing is generated by a software algorithm based on our billing rules. This post describes how your bill can be waved or amended.

Trial use

We wave the entire month for customers trying our web-to-print software or preparing their own web-to-print portal. Email support@zetaprints.com when the bill is issued and explain that you are still a trial customer. We check your usage and wave the fees.

We do not wave fees in advance. You get billed, then ask for a waver, we consider and wave, unless there was something untowards going on.

Faulty orders

We can amend the records for any faulty orders to exclude them from the bill before the bill is issued. Contact support@zetaprints.com with information on faulty orders immediately. Include order IDs, links to order pages and a description of what is wrong with them.

Faulty orders are excluded from billing only if our web-to-print system is at fault, directly or indirectly. E.g. order files won’t open, preview files are different from printing files, etc.

Most faulty orders can be easily fixed by fixing the underlying problem and re-generating the files, but we are still happy to wave the payment as it should have worked first time around.

No billing adjustments can be made if the billing was generated for the month.

User mistakes, non-payments, etc

Users do make mistakes, forget to pay or cancel orders. Such orders cannot be waved. You need to adjust your pricing to accommodate common user behavior or charge them on case per case basis.

We are happy to help you avoid  such orders. Consider these factors:

Please, contact support@zetaprints.com with the description of the problem and we will try to assist you.

Wavers do not apply if …

  • we didn’t print that order
  • the user changed his mind
  • their photos are of lower quality
  • the user didn’t pay us
  • we forgot to upload fonts
  • the users entered wrong information
  • the user didn’t check the proof

In any case, we are happy to wave any web-to-print fees if it’s our fault.

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