Linking policy


We like linking to other sites. We like other sites linking to us. There is no expectation of reciprocal links. We usually link from web to print help site or web to print blog.

Who we link to

  • Interesting design examples
  • How-to articles
  • Advice and insight about graphic design in real life (products, marketing, etc)
  • Web-to-print printers and vendors when they have new interesting releases (designs or software)

Our preference

  • Non-commercial information
  • Free resources
  • Creative commons resources
  • Your designs as templates

We believe in knowledge sharing, collaboration and openness. Knowledge should be free. Go teach a course or write a book if you want to charge for it.

We do not link to

  • Paid resources
  • Promotional pages
  • Pages with too many ads or nasty scripts

How to get a link from our website

Email the link and a brief description to It’s a good idea to tell us which page you think the link should go to.

Please, do not take it personal if we do not link to your site or remove a link after some time. There are only so many links we can have at a given time. We may rotate them over time to let others in.

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