Website builder

This manual explains how to build a website for a printing company for free, step by step.

The reader is expected to have some understanding of how the Internet works. Readers without such background knowledge are advised to read the manual and seek out assistance.

Website features

See a live demo site at

Cost components

The total cost of the website over one year should consist of:

  • software: free
  • installation: free
  • hosting: <$10 a month
  • graphic design: optional
  • technical assistance: optional


D.I.Y. – you install and configure everything yourself.

Third party help – someone else helps you build your website using this manual. It is between you and them what is being built, how much it costs, etc.

D.I.Y. Third party help
  1. Review our sample website
  2. Find a hosting company
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Find a theme
  5. Install a theme
  6. Install and configure widgets
  7. Fill in content
  8. Review and maintain
  1. Review our sample website
  2. Show it to the company helping you.
  3. They will do the rest of work for you (you pay them).


Setting up your website is easy but asking a professional to assist you might help you save time and money.