Website stats


Some pages available to the public can have a third party hit counter embedded to provide you with website statistics and analysis.

Third party services

Web analytics services range from simple hit counters to complex solutions like Google Analytics. Some of them require embedding of JavaScript while others offer image embedding. ZetaPrints allows embedding of images only.

List of services

We recommend these services, but please, feel free to experiment with others and let us know if they are any good or not:


The third party service will most likely require you to sign up and provide your website URL.
For printers: you have to provide your domain/subdomain used to access your ordering services.
For designers: use as the base domain name.

Counter image URL

At some stage of the registration for a web analytics service you will be provided with HTML for embedding. Do not use the full HTML snippet – use only the URL of the image and enter it into your details screen:
The counter will not be visible, but will still be counting the hits.


Only these pages include the embedded image:

  • Printer profile
  • Designer profile
  • Designer catalog
  • Template preview (only before the preview is updated)

Security and performance implications

Slow loads – it is beyond our control how long it take to load the counter. Users may see the loading progress bar for some time even after the page is loaded, if the counter is slow.
Data privacy – some counters are public and do not require login/password to access the data. It means that anyone can find out details of your web stats. Use a password protected service if needed.
User privacy – the service you choose may attempt to store cookies on user computers. There is no direct risk, apart from the fact they may track user behavior.
JavaScript – we do not allow embedding of scripts, including Google Analytics.

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