WordPress plugins


Plugins are little pieces of code that add more functionality to the basic web-to-print and dynamic imaging website. They are very easy to install and maintain.

Recommended plugins

These are a few WordPress plugins we find to be useful:


There are 2 ways to install WordPress plugin. Both of them are very easy.

WordPress built-in plugin search/install

Installing a plugin from the WordPress built in search/install option is almost identical to the themes installation.

Navigate to Plugins / Add new, search for the plugin and click Install link next to the plugin description. WordPress plugin search

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WordPress plugin install

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Hit Install button in the pop-up window that comes up.
Don’t forget to activate the plugin after you’ve installed it. WordPress plugin activation

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Upload plugin files

Another way to install a plug in your web-to-print and dynamic imaging website is to upload the plugin files.

WordPress upload plugin files

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Navigate to Plugins / Add new / Upload, Browse for the plugin .zip archive on your local hard drive and hit Install Now.

Feel free to experiment with plugins, you most likely will not break anything. Plugin removal is a 2 step process. Deactivate it first and delete it, if you want to.


Plugins are controlled from different locations within the admin interface.

All in One SEO Pack – see under settings (top-right corner of the screen)

cformsII – click on cformsII link in the top menu

All other plugins are widgets. Click on Design / Widgets and configure those that are in use.

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