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WordPress themes are like skins – they give every installation its look and set of features. Themes can be developed exclusively for you, purchased or downloaded for free. Let’s find a fresh look for your web-to-print and dynamic imaging website.

Exclusive themes

Exclusive themes are a good option if you want to spend more than $500 on your website. A graphic designer will make the theme exclusively for you and probably install and configure it as well. This way, your blog gets a unique look consistent with your branding, if any.

The best way to find a designer is to look through free themes, find the one you like and approach the designer directly.

Purchasing a theme

Usually themes go for up to $100. Since the theme might be broken and it will take time for you to realize it, asking the author to install and configure it for you, for another $50 or so, is also a good idea.

Note. Most of the themes we’ve come across had some sort of problems and it wasn’t always easy to fix them.

Themes can be purchased from TemplateMonster or many other websites.

Free themes

We like the idea of free themes. Here are a few places where you can find them:

Also, WordPress has a built-in engine for theme search and install. Navigate to Appearance / Add New Themes. You can find themes by tag, author or term, feature filtering is also available.

Note. This built-in feature only searches for themes on wordpress.org

WordPress themes install

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Do not expect them to be perfect. Many free themes have minor faults just as the paid ones do. Fixing a theme does need some special skills and knowledge. The best place to start is to email the theme author or get assistance.

Themes are not unique

Free and most of paid themes are not unique. It means that someone, somewhere is using the same or very similar theme as you. Does it matter?

We tend to think that it doesn’t. The chance that your customer comes across that other website is very little, given that there are more than 100,000,000 websites and growing. We would be more concerned if the theme was a rip-off from some popular website as it would make you look like a copycat.

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