Yes/No checkboxes


Sometimes it is necessary to give web-to-print users only Yes/No option instead of free text input, but YES would translate into a tick on a check box in the design and NO would translate to an empty check box.

In the template

Download sample web-to-print template (CorelDRAW X3).

1. Create the check boxes

2. Create the “ticks” as curves or text

3. Add a text frame next to the check box and make it invisible

4. Give the text frame a name – it will show as a field

5. Group the “tick” and the text frame.

6. Save, upload

The object tree for our sample file looks like this:

On the site

Go to remplate fields and locate text fields grouped with the “ticks”.

Enter your list of values consisting of whatever word you use for a tick and an empty line for no tick.

The user screen in our case has 3 drop-downs with a choice of Tick or an empty string.

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