08. ZetaPrints Synchronization settings

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Your Magento store needs to be synchronized with your ZetaPrints web-to-print portal.

Log in to Magento as a store administrator, navigate to System/Configuration in the top menu and click on ZetaPrints Sync tab in the menu on the left.

ZetaPrints Synchronization settings

ZetaPrints URL

URL to the home page of your ZetaPrints web-to-print portal, e.g. http://orders.example.com

Do not include any page names. Must have http:// part in it.

ZetaPrints API Key

This is a key that allows access to your data via ZetaPrints API. Go to your ZetaPrints portal, log in and navigate to API page. Grab the key from there.

Keep the key secret. It is the same as your login and password.


You may have more than one store in your Magento. Choose the store you need to sync or enter default otherwise.

Refresh All

Set this parameter to No. It will update only templates that have changed since the last time.

Setting it to Yes will instruct the sync to download all templates. It is a bit dangerous because:

  • your ZetaPrints account may be blocked automatically if you do it too often
  • your Magento hosting may be suspended if you take too many resources for too long on a shared computer
  • the process may time out if there are too many templates to import

Deleted templates

By default, this option is set to Ignore and running the ZetaPrints templates synchronization profile does not affect products in Magento even if they were removed from ZetaPrints. You can chose one of the available options depending on how you want the deleted templates to be processed when you run the ZetaPrints templates synchronization profile.

  • Ignore – deleted templates will be ignored and their corresponding products will be left as is. Users will not be able to use the product for web-to-print or dynamic imaging, but will see it in the catalog.
  • Delete products – the products associated with the deleted template will be completely deleted from your store.
  • Move to category – the products associated with the deleted template will be moved to the category you choose.
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