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Features – Magento

ZetaPrints web-to-print and dynamic imaging complements already powerful Magento e-commerce platform. We add personalization and image editing features to the native Magento interface without sending users to another site.

Template / product synchronization Your design templates reside within ZetaPrints and can be linked to Magento products manually or via an automated re-sync. We support simple, configurable and other product types. All pricing, shipping and additional product information is managed in Magento.
Interactive personalization Configure different web-to-print products to use different personalization forms:

  • a simple web form
  • point and click interactive editing
  • a mix of the two

Different types of dynamic imaging products require different approach.

Interactive image editing Users can upload and edit images right on the product page. The image editor features rotation, cropping and the Fit-in-field tool for smart cropping. All the images are stored on our servers to minimize your Magento hosting fees and simplify maintenance.
Order management Personalized orders are managed directly inside Magento. Order details have user generated previews, order status, links to proofs and the output files for web-to-print printing / publishing. Control customer access to output files and organize an order approval process.
Access control and security
Additional access control features separate products into groups that can be assigned to different customers or opened up to the public. You can can sell public and corporate products through the same web-to-print website. Full HTTPS support. 
Store localization Magento has been translated into many languages. It is easy to replace the texts and labels with your own or add another translation. You can have more than one language pack installed making your shop truly international.
Open Source The extension is developed as open source software under MIT license. You are free to reuse or modify the code. Visit our development site for more.
Product presentation Multiple ways to present your products:

  • one step ordering (all options on one page)
  • two step ordering (choose options, then personalize)
  • base image and additional product views
  • single page, multipage
Preview sharing Once a preview is generated, the customer is able to get a direct link to the preview image and share it with anyone.
Simplified reordering Order details pages contain reordering links which take returning customers to the corresponding product page and automatically activate the personalization process using the stored data provided by the customer for that particular order.
Up-sell and Cross-sell Customer input that was provided while ordering products can be stored and used to automatically personalize cross-sell products and prepare previews.
Datasets Text fields can also be populated using a datasets table on the product page. You can allow customers to click on individual cells or entire rows of preset values and populate the text fields. Datasets can be used to simply speed up the personalization process or restrict customer input to a choice of preset values. Magento web-to-print datasets