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Interactive personalization

ZetaPrints¬† web-to-print extension for Magento takes products personalization to the next level. The “point and click” method implemented in our extension turns your store into a user-friendly environment for your customers.

Magento web-to-print field highlighter

Variable text and image fields are highlighted when users hover the mouse cursor over the template preview.

Magento web-to-print variable images

Clicking on an variable image area opens the image input form allowing customers to upload their own image, select an image from a selection of images you provided or pick a color to fill the area with.

Note. Users are also allowed to edit their images directly on the product page.

Magento web-to-print variable text

Same goes for variable text fields, fill in the pop-up text form to replace the dummy text in the template.

Magento web-to-print overlapping fields

When there are overlapping fields (Ex. Text on top of a background image), the pop-up editor shows all fields as separate tabs.

Populated variable fields are highlighted differently to help users see which fields have been edited and which are still empty.