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Magento storefront customization

Magento storefronts have almost unlimited customization ability. The look and feel of these web-to-print stores is based on so-called “themes”.¬† The are thousands of themes out there, ranging from free thousands of dollars. The themes are collections of PHP/CSS/JS/* files that can be further customized.

Magento themes

Magento themes are files with PHP, HTML, CSS and other code. You may find one that fits your requirements 100% or a theme that looks close to what you need and then modify it for your storefront. Here are a few reference site to help you on your way of choosing the right theme for your store:

Free themes:

Premium themes:

There are thousands more Magento themes on Google, Bing or Blekko.

Create your own Magento web-to-print theme

Developing a truly custom Magento theme requires some skills. Any skilled Magento developer can do this for you. Check our partners to get started.

Integrate web-to-print functionality

Integrating web-to-print functionality into a theme requires some minor theme modifications. You can do these modifications yourself or contact one of our partners.