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Features – web-to-print

ZetaPrints is a web-to-print and dynamic imaging service provider. Our service is designed to make online personalization simple and cost effective.

We do not place limits on you. Use as much of our service as you need to grow and meet your demand.

Number of web-to-print templates
Number of web-to-print catalogs
Number of users
Disk space

Our templating system is simple, but powerful. It goes well beyond replacing straight lines of text in a PDF file.

Availability How to
Upload your own Upload your first web-to-print template
Unbounded creativity limits Web-to-print and dynamic imaging design techniques
No delay before a template becomes available
PDF settings
Bleed Bleed area
Crop marks Cropmarks
Imposition Preview and printing templates
Font embedding Web-to-print font management
Other settings PDF settings
Any number of pages Multipage web-to-print templates
Color modes
Spot colors
Color separation
Output files
PDF, CDR, JPG, GIF, PNG Web-to-print output file generation

It is very simple to convert an ordinary ad design into a usable ad template – just name the fields for user texts and images.
The system reads the field information directly from the file. There are numerous rules you can apply, such as alignment, horizontal and vertical shift, removal of elements if some other elements are not present, maximum and minimum length, recommended image resolution, etc.

Availability How to
Variable text and images
Variable text Web-to-print text fields
Variable images Web-to-print image fields
Automatic text alignment
Automatic image alignment Web-to-print image alignment
Auto replacement
Auto removal Web-to-print conditional object removal
Conditional line removal Dynamic imaging conditional line removal
Paragraph style matching Dynamic imaging paragraph style matching
Character formatting matching Dynamic imaging character formatting matching
Automatic font resizing Dynamic imaging auto font resizing
Linked text frames Dynamic imaging linked text frames

Consult these product guides before you start working on a specific kind of template:

Web-to-print Brochures Web-to-print Yard signs Web-to-print T-shirts Web-to-print Business cards Web-to-print CD/DVD labels
Web-to-print Greeting cards Web-to-print Books Web-to-print Posters Web-to-print Newspaper ads Web-to-print CD/DVD covers
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