Order approval extension


Our Order Approval extension allows you to organize an approval process in a Magento store and prevent certain customers from checking out until their orders are approved by a nominated approver.


web-to-print approval install

Get the installation key fromĀ extension page on Magento eCommerce, paste it in the corresponding field of Magento Connect Manager and hit Install.

Create approvers

The approval process is managed by approvers – a customer nominated as an approver:

  1. Navigate to Customers / Manage Customers page in Magento admin panel
  2. Click on the customers name.
  3. Activate Account Information tab
  4. Choose Yes for the Is approver field

web-to-print storefront approver

Assign approvers

An approver can be assigned to any registered user. All orders of a user with an approver assigned will require an approval before going to the checkout.

  1. Navigate to the Account Information tab of a customer to be put under approval process
  2. Choose an approver from Approver drop-down

web-to-print storefront assign approver

Check out and approval process

The approval process sits between customer’s shopping cart and the checkout process. It means that customers are able to add any number of products into their shopping cart, delete and modify them at any time without any restrictions, but they can not checkout products from the cart before they are approved.

When customers try to checkout their shopping cart, the approver receives a notification about unapproved products in the customer’s shopping cart. The approver can use the link from the e-mail to reach order approval UI and approve or decline customer’s products.

Magento order approval UI

Customers can check approval status for every product in their shopping cart and are allowed to checkout items that have already been approved.


Our Order approval extension for Magento is fully compatible with our web-to-print and category access control extensions out of the box.

Note. The order approval process does not work on Configurable products. Customers placing orders on a configurable product will be able to checkout without waiting for their orders to be approved.


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