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API and integration

ZetaPrints is an open web-to-print and dynamic imaging platform ready to be connected to other systems at different levels. Some parts of our system can be used via API, while some parts are open source.

API at a glance

Our web-to-print and dynamic imaging API allows you to plug our functionality into your existing website at different levels. Most likely you will want to use our scalable imaging platform for preview and PDF generation, similar to our web-to-print extension for Magento.


We cache user texts, images, previews, while you keep all the other user details in your system. A user is created on your request via an API call.


Templates are uploaded and managed on ZetaPrints by your designers. They are used by our web-to-print and dynamic imaging system to generate previews and PDF files.

User images

User images are stored in our storage for use in templates. They can be edited by users via API using your own code or our open source editors directly on your site.


Orders are created at the end of the process via API. They can be managed via API or manually in your ZetaPrints portal.

Open source integration

We have a number of active open source projects using our web-to-print and dynamic imaging API. They can be used on their own or as part of your integration project. The licensing of the code is very liberal and does not require open-sourcing of your commercial implementation.

Integration support

Every integration project is a bit special. Talk to us about your plans and requirements.

Our partners will be happy to assist you with any software design and development work you require.