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Help me choose

ZetaPrins offers 2 SaaS web-to-print and dynamic imaging packages plus direct API access for custom integration. Choosing the right one should not be difficult at all if you know what it is you want to get in the end. In other words, formulate your requirements first and then match them against our capabilities.


Core package

E-Commerce package

Administration Easy Demanding
Custom user interface CSS + JS Full control
Workflow Default process Custom process
Setting up cost none Cost of hosting + set up
Ongoing costs Pay per order Pay per order + hosting + maintenance
Technical expertise Minimal Programming + sysadmin
Corporate ordering portal
Consumer type shop
Specialized portals
Small ordering portals
ZetaPrints features all most + e-commerce
User details location ZetaPrints Your site
Templates location ZetaPrints ZetaPrints
Order details location ZetaPrints Your site

Enterprise web-to-print and dynamic imaging options

Enterprise customers with high volume of web-to-print and dynamic imaging orders can use our enterprise package with standalone deployment. This package is designed to meet specific requirements outside of what the standard SaaS model provides.