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Open source web-to-print

Open source integration

We have a number of active open source projects using our web-to-print and dynamic imaging API. They can be used on their own or as part of your integration project. The licensing of the code is very liberal and does not require open-sourcing of your commercial implementation.


Magento is an open source E-Commerce platform. We have several extensions that turn this genericĀ E-Commerce platform into a store with advanced web-to-print and dynamic imaging functionality.


We created an open source PayPal payments gateway to expand the payments functionality provided with our corporate package interface. It comes as a free WordPress plugin, but can be modified to fit other platforms.

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Our fun dynamic imaging plugin for WordPress sends e-cards directly from a WordPress page. It can be used as a viral or promotional tool to drive traffic to your main site. More WP plug-ins by ZetaPrints

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Dynamic imaging Flash plugin

Our simple open source Flash plugin can be used to front an image personalization application. It can also be embedded into a web page.

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