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Free websites

Having a good website is a must for any printing business. ZetaPrints web-to-print is only an online ordering system. It cannot be used as a front-window website to tell the story about your business. We created a tutorial how you can build a free or very inexpensive website that looks as professional as any other.

Websites for printers

Websites for printing companies have several essential features, like this demo site:

  • Information about the business
  • Large file upload
  • Quote request
  • Link to web-to-print service
  • Downloads library

We have several options based on a very popular open source platform – WordPress.

The website is easily customizable. New features can be easily added by anyone, any time. The look and feel of the website is based on themes you can purchase on the Internet or download for free. There are literally thousands of them.

Time to go D.I.Y. ?

The times of paying big money to a web design company for hosting and maintaining a basic website are over. You or any of your computer savvy staff can do it with ease at an annual cost of under $90.

Read our free printer’s website manual on how to build and maintain a website. It is not for “geeks” or “nerds” any more – anyone can do it. A bit of effort, some computer knowledge and a few hours of your time will buy you a great looking and fully functional website.

No copycat content ever

It makes no sense to have a website with the content identical to someone’s else as many “websites for printers”  companies do. Search engines recognize duplicate content and mark such websites as spam or mirrors. They will never come up high in search results as a consequence. What’s the point of having a website no one can find?

We help you set up a great looking and functional website, but you need to spend some time telling the world about your business. It’s easy, it’s fun and no one can do it better than you!