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This pricing applies to holders of “printer” account (normally used by printing and publishing businesses).

No orders – no charge

The only service you pay for is when a new order is submitted for printing.

  • Australia – $2.2 or less per order
  • EU1.3 or less per order
  • New Zealand – $2.5 or less per order
  • UK – £0.85 or less per order
  • USA – $1.7 or less per order
  • Other countries – US$1.7 or less per order

Contact us with your volume requirements over 1000 orders a month for special pricing.

Free services

  • Pre-press file transfer
  • Quoting service
  • Directory listing

Our price promise

We will try adjust the price so that the overall annual cost for you is lower than of any other similar service or software.

Payment options

  • Credit card
  • Direct payments to our bank account
  • PayPal

All charges are billed monthly to you as a printer. Read more in the billing section.

Free unlimited trial

We offer free unlimited use of the website until it really works for you. Get those orders rolling in first. Free assistance for setting up and artwork conversion is available on request.