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You are in control

Templates are CorelDRAW files prepared to a certain specification. You upload the template files directly into the system. The ordering form with fields for user text and images is generated automatically based on the information found in the file.

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It costs the same

Making a template is only marginally harder than producing a finished design. The only difference is in the thinking.

Customizable text and images

It is very simple to convert an ordinary design into a usable template – just name the fields for user texts and images.
The system reads the field information directly from the file. There are numerous rules you can apply, such as alignment, horizontal and vertical shift, removal of elements if some other elements are not present, maximum and minimum length, recommended image resolution, etc.

Special effects

Unlike PDF-based systems, our web-to-print is more powerful when it comes to design creativity. A PDF file would have all the special effects flattened or converted to curves. Our system retains most of the information and re-produces the effect with user text and images. There are very few limits to what you can design.

Separate templates for preview and printing

You can use the same template for on-screen previews and for printing, but we recommend using separate preview and printing templates. A preview template should be optimized for on-screen viewing by using lower resolution graphics to help speed viewing time on screen. Thus configured, a preview template may not be suitable for all types of printing.


You can outsource template preparation to designers featured on this site to assist you with designing new templates or converting your existing PSD, PDF, InDD, or other files into templates.